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Maintenance Issues, including Outsourcing and Fatigue Essay (Critical Writing)

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Evaluations are continuously being done by organizations in order to get both operational and organizational efficiency with an ultimate aim of lessening the costs.


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Outsourcing makes organizations like the aviation industry to achieve their strategic goals. edubirdie,com Airlines’ costs of operations are costly hence outsourcing makes them economically viable by making them offer services which can edubirdie be relatively cheaper. ca.edubirdie complaints Outsourcing in an industry is the process of getting goods, services, consultation, or combination of any of them which are not within the management chain of command of the needing organization.

Outsourcing is the practice of an industry entrusting to an outside unit/body the doing of an activity that was performed previously in-house with an aim of maximizing profits with minimal costs. edubirdie promo codes Financial consideration is very vital in outsourcing within the aviation industry.

However, there is a need to consider other parameters, which can have direct impacts on the service being provided as well as operational feasibility and this cannot be done in isolation. edubirdie plagiarism checker free Hence, the aviation firm has to evaluate the overall effect that outsourcing will lead to; collectively as an operation.

Workers’ unions tend to resist the idea of outsourcing as they prefer the aviation firms to provide job security to their members. is edubirdie legit Hence, as a Repair Station manager, I will try to limit the number of workers’ unions my employees get registered to in order to avoid the complexity that arises when it comes to offloading the redundant workforce. edubirdies I will do this by ensuring that the management team is very strong and united whilst making the unions weak as this makes it easy to outsource with an aim of reducing the costs.

Aviation firms at times require complex services in operation, and when a service becomes complex. ed birdie Multifaceted outsourcing involves complex contract negotiations with the service provider.

Enforcing these contracts could result to high transaction costs hence the aviation firms should prepare policies guarding these, and if possible hire internal specialists permanently rather than outsourcing for them if need be. essay company For example, piloting skills are very complex and specific hence as an airline manager I would train and equip all employees with skills needed rather than outsourcing.


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I could also outsource from both domestic and foreign facilities to a level that is proportionate with the required capacity and prefer recent outsourcing practices. is edu birdie legit Training employees will provide an act of specialization, efficient use of equipment and provide a platform of utilizing by products as well as development of auxiliary facilities and avoidance of fatigue accredited to monotony.

Maintenance of activities is either done on the aircraft or the component of the aircraft, and this necessitates air carrier skills in repair capacity and capability hence such activities should not be outsourced and should rather be managed and controlled by the airline itself. edubirdie plagiarism free Management should center on the key roles of the company in order to augment its efficiency.

Hence, outsourcing in this scenario may make the aviation firms delegate non-core activities to specialized service providers which will make the firm to focus on its core objectives, whether medium or long-term while at the same time giving room for diversification of opportunities.

Core objectives can be achieved by improvising the business strategies like advertising for seats as well as carrying out market research. edubirdie plag check Outsourcing issues like dwindling and unskilled workforce can lead to airplane accidents, incidents of flight delays or cancellations, and risks of terrorism.

Thus, the management should employ staff and if not outsource and also establish a department tasked with checking on these issues as well establishing high regulation standards governed with airline operations. In conclusion, outsourcing is a good practice that can help in developing strong and strategic alliances between companies that improve on the value within a supply chain, which in turn helps in creating a competitive edge for the outsourcing firm.